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About Us

Welcome Hi! I’m Luiza and WELCOME you on my website. Healthy Louisa is all about healthy lifestyle and balance. Since I remember I always love eat, cook and share with others. I started Healthy Louisa to share with others healthy, tasty and easy recipes to follow. Then the dream about sharing food with Leicester community appear. It was so strong and so big that I shared it with my Fiancé and we decided to leave our normal life and jobs and fulfilled this dream. This is how Healthy Louisa Café was born.

Our Vison is to share healthy and tasty food with our local community in Leicester. Our food is plant based. The beauty of plant based food is that it suitable for everyone. For meat eaters, for dairy eaters and of course for vegetarians and vegans too. Our food makes you smile, because is so delicious, it makes you full for longer because is rich in healthy fibre and protein, it makes you feel better because is load with vitamins and minerals and it makes you happy because you nourish your body and mind.

Our Coffee is our world. We want to gives you this ‘’thing’’ you know, right? When every slip of coffee gives you so much happiness and so much relax at this same time. And when you can start dream. This is why our coffee is carefully selected from sustainable sources. Always fresh and always blend on demand to serve you the freshest coffee cup which is possible. Four milk to choose from because everybody loves something different and we want to make you happy.

Our Food is everything for us. We always use fresh and locally sourced ingredients when possible. We carefully selected all ingredients to create the most delicious and nutrition meals which gives you this big beautiful smile and also satisfy your gut. Almost everything we serve is made from scratch to bring you the best of the best flavours and freshness. We want to give you this happiness when fresh food arrives to your table and you know it is so beautiful, so delicious and so good for your body that you don’t have any regards about eating it.