About Us

It’s been a tough morning. The bus was late, the taxi didn’t arrive, the last parking space was taken. You rushed the kids to school, you missed a deadline, your employee called in sick. Your tolerance levels have been tested enough. It’s OK.

Relax. We’ve got you.

Healthy Louisa Café Deli is all about peace of mind. You bring the chaos, we’ll bring the coffee. Let out that breath you were holding and just smell the goodness of our freshly ground coffee. It’s a silky smooth cup of goodness to kick away the cobwebs and anxiety.
If you want a second cup to go (and we know you do) it’ll taste the same as the first. Because it’s freshly ground every time. And if you’re not a coffee person, we’ll bring you special selections of tea. Because we’ve got you. Sit in our cosy swinging chairs and just savour the moment. And if you fall asleep don’t worry! No one will bother you! And a fresh cup of coffee will be waiting for you when you wake up!

Your body deserves good

Whether it’s a one-off choice or Patryk and Luiza’s cooking becomes your regular haunt, know that in the day of chaos, dynamic lives and confusing food choices, Healthy Louisa is feeding your deserving body guilt free, fresh food every time. We source our ingredients from local markets, we keep it plant based because this pays respect to the goodness your body deserves. No more heavy consciences about what you’re feeding your body. And food isn’t just for that, it’s for the mind too. We never use refined sugars or processed alternatives. Our food helps keep your energy high and improve your digestive system.
One of our meals a day give you boost for whole day. It really is the real deal. So, whether it’s a break from the office, or a walk with your rabbit, or even your little monsters (of course we mean gems!) Healthy Louisa is the meal that will look after you, your work, and your loved ones.

Guilty free pleasure cakes

We know you have sweet tooth! Relax we’ve got you! You do not worry anymore about eating sweets. Here at Healthy Louisa we prepare healthy and delicious goodies, you can eat without guilty. For our baked goods we use natural wholefood ingredients and natural sweeteners. Our cakes are moist and rich and they sweeten with dates, organic agave syrup and organic coconut sugar. For now, on you can finally enjoy sweets without feeling guilty.

Bring the aspiring astronaut

Being a parent means that when you’re hungry, you need to cook before feeding yourself. That’s OK, because Healthy Louisa’s got you covered. Under 6’s eat free. It’s not a family meal unless the mini you enjoy it so let their imagination run wild on our swinging chairs. We make an exception for children. If they want to be a trapeze artist or a floating astronaut, allow it. In fact, join in.