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Refreshing Green Smoothie

Posted in February 11, 2020 by

Categories: Blog Breakfast Video

Refreshing Green Smoothie

I called it GAME CHANGER, you can call it Refreshing Green Smoothie πŸ™‚ Coming to you with this simple recipe for beginners. We all know we suppose to eat more greens but not always happy about it, right? So how to eat more greens? Simple blend it and drink! πŸ™‚ I promise you this one it’s not boring and not taste of nothing! You can find here sweetness from mango, super creamy because of avocado, packed with vitamins and nutrients that is spinach and refreshing vibes gives here lime and mint! And because green is going perfect with other colours we have here all the favourite toppings like nutty granola, strawberry, blueberry, more mint and beautiful rose petals! EAT FRESH FEEL BETTER!

Before you start…

You will need blender for this recipe. The recipe is very simple to follow. All you need to do is put all ingredients in a blender and blend until nice and smooth. Use any topping you like it! Be creative and enjoy your smoothie! 

Refreshing Green Smoothie


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  • super food 
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  • 100g frozen mango
  • half of large avocado (without skin)
  • quarter of fresh lime juice
  • 30g spinach
  • 1tbsp agave syrup (optional)
  • 5 leaves mint
  • 300ml filtered or mineral water 


It’s optional but I really like it! πŸ™‚ Be creative and use what you have! I used nutty granola, strawberry, blueberry, mint and rose petals. 


It really is that super simple! Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until nice and smooth! Than add your favourite toppings and voila! Bon Appetite! πŸ™‚


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Recipe was made in our Vegan Healthy Louisa Cafe Deli in Leicester.


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