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Purple Sweet Potato Puree

Posted in September 17, 2019 by

Categories: Breakfast

Purple Sweet Potato Puree

I’m coming to you with this beautiful vegetable today. Purple sweet potato also knows as Okinawan sweet potatoes. I always was very interesting about them but unfortunately, I couldn’t find them anywhere I live, and few days ago I finally find them in Tesco. Their colour is absolutely amazing, the structure (after cooking and blending) is nice smooth and sticky and they taste like potatoes of course, but just a little bit sweet.

purple sweet potato

Why sweet potato is purple?

The purple colour is from anthocyanins (natural pigments) that gives colours for other plants like carrot, berries etc.

Anthocyanins are substances that have anti-inflammatory effects and are very strong antioxidants that remove excess free radicals from the human body that destroy cells – proteins, DNA, etc. Research indicates that due to the high content of anthocyanins, purple potatoes have anti-inflammatory and beneficial effect on our cardiovascular system.

healthy louisa cafe deli purple sweet potato

So why it’s wort to eat the purple potatoes?

Because they have large content of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins inhibit the aging process of the body, support immunity and have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Anthocyanins reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. They show a beneficial effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system. Purple potatoes, due to their potassium, regulate blood pressure and ensure good muscle function.Dietary fibre found in these potatoes supports the functioning of the digestive system, stimulates intestinal peristaltic movements and prevents unpleasant ailments, including constipation. It also has the effect of reducing the level of “bad” cholesterol in the blood. Purple potatoes also contain lutein – a carotenoid ensuring the correct functioning of the eye and improving the condition and condition of the skin.

leicester purple sweet potato puree

The purple sweet potatoes also contain, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, C as well as magnesium, iron and calcium. You can read more about their nutrition here 

healthy louisa leicester purple sweet potato

You can eat them cooked, baked or fried or you can add them to other dishes. So let’s start to make a purple puree you can add to anything starting with porridge, smoothie, juice, hummus etc…

This was my first time when I play with purple sweet potatoes so I started only with two. Of course, you can make the puree from bath of them and store the purple puree in airtight jar in the fridge. It should stay delicious for 2-3 days.

vegan cafe leicester








2 medium potatoes (or more if you want to make big jar of it)


Peel the purple sweet potatoes. Cut them into smaller pieces than clean them. Put them in a sauce pan and pour hot water. Cook them until nice and soft (please notice: the cook time depends from amount of potatoes and size. They will cook longer when they are bigger) Let them cool down. Put them in a food processor and blend until nice and smooth. Add some water few times until desire consistency. Enjoy!

Soon I’ll share more recipe with purple sweet potato so stay tuned and let’s play together with some purple game! It’s colourful, fun and healthy!

When you make it don’t forget to share with my on instagram Healthy Louisa using #healthylouisa so I can see that!

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Recipe was made in our Healthy Louisa Cafe Deli in Leicester. 

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