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5 Important Messages To Remember When Everything Goes Wrong

Posted in August 5, 2019 by

Categories: Blog

5 Important Messages To Remember When Everything Goes Wrong

Happy Monday Lovely People! Today not so much about food… more about #mondaymotivation
New week already starts. And how your motivation level? I’ll be honest with you, I always try stay positive but sometimes I just can’t or I forgot to stay positive. Sounds stupid, right? But not to worry. This happen for all of us and it’s a common thing. We are people and we often forgot about something like buy tea, milk, flour or we forgot to stay focus and to be positive. This happen to me very often this year especially when things going wrong. Me and my fiancé open Café Shop this year and you can imagine how often things going differently than we thought. Not saying anything about how many mistakes we already made this year.

So here the 5 messages worth to remember when everything goes wrong

Everything in life is temporary – I know it’s hard to remember this when everything fall apart but the true is you were in this situation before or you feel something similar in the past and now you forgot about it… so this situation you are now it’s also temporary. Soon you’ll forgot about this and move forward.

Be grateful I think this is one of the most powerful things. So sad that we forget about this so often. Being grateful not only change our attitude and the way we think but also give us some power which makes us stronger anytime and anywhere. So be grateful today, right now! You woke up today, you have arms and legs, you are healthy, you have family, you have love of your life, you have friends etc.. you know the best for what you should be grateful.

Look at the bigger picture – easy to say, hard to do. And I totally get you. Feel this same every single time but I try to remember this one because it has a big power and it’s so true when you think about it. You are here where you are today but this doesn’t define you. When you start pay attention to your main goals not the situation you are now you can be somewhere else in the next few days, months, year. Right?

Move Your Body – one of the best ways to turn your attention in other way. For me the best one is walk in a green park. Fresh air and change of place + some movements help gain prospect about who you are, where you are and where you want to be. If walking is not your thing why not to try jogging, yoga or cycling?

Laugh, Laugh, Laugh – my favourite for all the situations. And to be honest I still have the struggle to smile when something going wrong but comedy films change this in a second. Laugh is a powerful strength which helps to heal disease so it’s definitely the best way to heal your mind this way.

It wasn’t be my if I don’t have something extra to say. So here 2 bonus.

+ motivation book – helps me a lot and turn my attention away + help me be positive again. After 20 minutes of reading my head is clear again and ready to action.

+ one more thing which is scream – It can be really stupid but it can help too. Go scream somewhere. Scream as loud as you can. Scream until you get tired, then sit down or lay out on grass and laugh…

Thank you for reading. If you have some thoughts to share do it here on comment section or on Instagram !

Happy Monday! Be healthy, Stay Positive!

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