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Month: August 2019


Posted in August 23, 2019 by

Categories: Breakfast

Eating more fruit and veggies on breakfast gives you more power in a day. I love to mix them up together. This salad gives you power and sweetness but also light feeling after eating. You just need few minutes to prepare it. And hey how much fancier eating fruit and veggies could be? Before start… […]

5 Important Messages To Remember When Everything Goes Wrong

Posted in August 5, 2019 by

Categories: Blog

Happy Monday Lovely People! Today not so much about food… more about #mondaymotivation New week already starts. And how your motivation level? I’ll be honest with you, I always try stay positive but sometimes I just can’t or I forgot to stay positive. Sounds stupid, right? But not to worry. This happen for all of […]

Pineapple Granita Recipe pineapple granita, granita, vegan granita, fruit granita, vegan dessert, dessert, refreshing, refreshing dessert,

Posted in August 3, 2019 by

Categories: Sweets

I was looking for EASY way to make FAST and DELICIOUS pineapple granita which is perfect treat for warm day and perfect dessert for bbq. The standard recipes for granita said that you must blend the fruit, then froze them, then play along with fork and it takes few hours until is ready. And what […]