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The Best Banana Bowl

Posted in February 21, 2019 by

Categories: Breakfast

The Best Banana Bowl



The Best Banana Bowl

I really love fast breakfast recipes, especially when I’m in rush. This one is mega simple and fast. You just need 3 minutes to prepare this breakfast bowl. And hey who doesn’t like banana with nut butter? I’m sure you’ll be in love. 😊

Before start…

You can use any grain puffs you want. I am using spelt puffs because this one is my favourite.

Make it cheaper!

If the grain puffs are too expensive you can try use toasted buckwheat instead them. All you need to do to is toast buckwheat in a non-stick pan about 1-2 minutes.

PRICE: £0,74 for one bowl

(Bananas £0.42; Spelt puffs £0.11; 2 tsp cashew butter £0.21)

Banana Bowl
Banana Bowl
Banana Bowl
Banana Bowl
Banana Bowl

Make 1 bowl



Mash or blend the bananas. Place the mashed bananas in your serving bowl. Sprinkle with spelt puffs and drizzle with creamy nut butter.

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