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Summer Toast

Posted in July 11, 2018 by

Categories: Breakfast

Summer Toast


summer toast

These are my favourite summer toasts. These beautiful spring colours give me so much happiness and light vanilla flavour with frozen berries is absolutely incredible! No more words! You must try this yourself!

Before start!
You can use any toast bread you like it instead croissant. Although these toast taste really delicious when you made them with croissant.

Make it cheaper!
Using vanilla extract is much cheaper than fresh vanilla pods. You can use any berries you already have. It doesn’t must to be blueberries.

* 1 croissant
* 3-4tbsp thick yoghurt
* drop of vanilla extract or you can use fresh vanilla pods
* few frozen blueberries
* 1tsp amaranth pops
* colorful sprinkles

Cut the croissant in half. Add drop of vanilla extract in the yoghurt and mix together. Spread the yoghurt in the croissant. Put the frozen berries on top and use the amaranth pops and colorful sprinkles.

NOTE: I used colourful flowers for decoration. These are not edible flowers.

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