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Month: June 2018

20k Yoghurt Bowl

Posted in June 25, 2018 by

Categories: Breakfast

  20k yoghurt bowl First of all I want to thank you for all of you. 20k Fallowers on Instagram that’s something, right?! I’m so so so happy that our community grown and I’m so so so happy that I meet so many amazing people during this journey. Second of all I wish I could […]

My Favourite Tropical Salad

Posted in June 19, 2018 by

Categories: Breakfast

  my favourite tropical salad This salad brings you summery mood in 10 minutes. I just love these bright colours. This tropical and refresh smell make you happy in a few second. I love to eat it all over the year. Especially on autumn and winter when more days are grey and rainy. Believe me […]

Watermelon Pizza

Posted in June 4, 2018 by

Categories: Sweets

  watermelon pizza This is one of the most refreshing dessert ever. The recipe is fun and easy to make. You just need yoghurt, agave syrup and some fancy fruit on top. You can also add some cacao butter into the yoghurt to make the recipe more chocolatey. It is totally a hit on bbq […]