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Ultimate Creamy Smoothie Bowl

Posted in February 17, 2018 by

Categories: Breakfast

Ultimate Creamy Smoothie Bowl

ultimate creamy smoothie bowl

I love smoothie bowl creations. They are really easy to make, they are super healthy, always looks so pretty and they are helpful stay full for longer. This one is my favourite! It is ultimate creamy and fluffy. And I love this combination with bananas, yoghurt and berries. How cool?

Before start…

For this recipe you’ll need food processor.

Make it cheaper!

You can use any berries you want to. You can freeze them yourself or buy frozen. Usually frozen berries are much cheaper than fresh one.



Creamy smoothie bowl:

2 frozen bananas
100g frozen raspberries
about cup of yogurt (depends how creamy you want)
2-3tbsp agave syrup (depends how sweet you want)


Frozen blueberries
Quinoa puffs
heart sprinkles


Place the frozen fruit with yoghurt and agave syrup in a food processor. Blend until nice and smooth. Place the creamy smoothie in a serving bowl and put all the toppings on top. Enjoy!


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