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Healthy Vegan Coffee

Posted in January 4, 2018 by

Categories: Blog

Healthy Vegan Coffee

healthy vegan coffee

I just love this recipe. Its totally guilty free and taste so good. I quit the coffee during my raw vegan challenge (about 9 month ago) and I was looking something to replace. Something that will give me the same feeling as coffee in the morning. And I found it! This coffee is absolutely delicious and super easy to make. The kick of energy you’ll have from cacao and maca powder and delicious sweet taste from gingerbread spice mix and baked pear puree and of course foam on the lips from creamy coconut milk. Because this recipe is 100% guilty free you can drink this coffee with your kids, because it’s dairy free, sugar free and caffeine free. Enjoy!

Before start…

You’ll need mixer for this recipe.

Make It Cheaper!

I love this recipe as it is, but sometimes I don’t have extra baking pear puree on my fridge so I don’t use it. And when I’m in rush I use cashew milk instead coconut creamy milk. Feel free to combine and try whatever you like it. It’s so much easier and cheaper to use something you already have, than go to the shopping. ?


Makes two cups of coffee


• 200ml hot water
• 2tsp cacao
• 1tsp gingerbread spice mix
• 4-5tsp baked pear puree
• ¾ tsp maca powder (optional)

Coconut Creamy Milk:
• 3tbsp thick coconut milk from can
• 1tbsp agave syrup
• 4tbsp filtrate water

Milk: Place the coconut milk in a bowl and using mixer, mix until smooth. Add the agave syrup and water and mix again until nice and smooth.
Coffee: Pour the hot water in a high container. Add the cacao powder, baked pear puree , gingerbread spice mix and maca powder. Mix together well (you can use milk frother).
Assembling: Pour the coffee into cups and slowly add milk on top.

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