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I want to welcome all of you on my new blog. I’m so happy that you are here with me. This is something new for me. And I’m a little scared about it but very very happy. I change my healthy eating journey about 180 degrees. And now I want to share with you, what I learned.

My name is Luiza and I believe we can all live the life we want but we need the strength and health to make this happen. My main goal is to help others eat healthier, easier and cheaper at this same time. So I challenged myself to create healthy, easy and cheap recipes. When I started I wasn’t sure it is possible to connect these three together. Now I know IT IS!

Healthy Eating
When I started with healthy eating there were a lot of things that I didn’t understand and I couldn’t imagine what it should look like. Do I do it well or badly … It was a struggle for me at the time. I noticed that every recipe with videos were much easier for me. And that’s the moment when Video Cook Book idea begin.

Video Cook Book
The Video Cook Book works super easy. I divide it into chapters; breakfast, dip & sauce, snacks, dinner, sweets and supper. Each chapter contains recipes. Every recipe includes accurate and detailed descriptions with additional information of what you should know before you start to recreate this recipe and additional information about how to make it cheaper and a video on how to prepare this meal. Every week I’ll add new recipes to create a large video gallery with healthy and cheap recipes.

The blog is new and it need some time to grown up. But I’ll post regularly about healthy eating, saving money, healthy ingredients, tips and tricks, budget… and I’ll add the new recipes on my blog too.
Hope you’ll visit our blog often. To be on time SUBSCRIBE to our blog and you’ll always get the fresh, new post straight in to your mailbox. FREE GIFT FROM US TO YOU. Receive a free version of our VIDEO COOK BOOK when you sign up.

I receive a lot of messages from you guys asking about my first Instagram LIVE where I lunched my blog and my Video Cook Book. Unfortunately, Instagram keep the LIVE video only 24h. We could not save this video on my phone (there was a problem with memory) but we recorded it. The quality of this video is poor but not too bad. You can still see me ? I shared the video down below.

Please note: The video is very loud. Please volume down before you turn it on.

Thank You

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