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Ready To Relax?

Ready to relax and some good food? Our Café Deli on Belgrave Gate is just 5 mins walk from Clock Tower but is located in a very quiet area and offers cosy and relax atmosphere. You can find here luxury swing chairs, with fresh grounded coffee and fresh baked cakes. Big variety of our healthy foods make you happy! It’s a great place to visit with your friends and enjoy our healthy and delicious goodies.


Healthy Louisa Customer
Healthy Louisa Customer
Healthy Louisa Customer

Our Menu

We serve healthy plant based meals rich in veggies and fruit. They are sugar free and mostly gluten free. Colourful creamy porridge for breakfast and for those who like savoury breakfast toasts with our sourdough baked in house with homemade hummus, homemade baked beans or homemade creamy cheese. Craving sweet toast? We offer them too with homemade cashew butter and fresh banana and strawberries or simple with yoghurt and strawberry jam. For lunch delicious and light veggies stew served with rice, cous-cous or air fried wedges and our best selling tomato pasta with vegetable chicken. Here are no food rules. You can order lunch for breakfast or breakfast on lunch no matter what time it is. And there is always a lot of cakes starting with our best selling nutty cake with orange bliss and fudge chocolate with berries jam, chickpeas brownie and loaded with fruit crumble cakes. For drink you can find our delicious creamy coffee, Super food hot chocolate, large selection of teas and our fresh juices.

Healthy Louisa Customer


Our Address

Healthy Louisa Cafe Deli
Unit 1
63 Belgrave Gate

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Terrys birthday

We are three lovely people who believe that plant based eating is healing our body and mind. Trying to do our best to share our vision and delicious food with others in Leicester. First on left is Luiza. She is creative soul of Healthy Louisa. All ideas, recipes, pictures and projects are on her. First on right is Patryk. He is our design executive and problem solve soul. He solves all problems and realises all Luiza’s ideas exactly like she dreams (that’s so amazing). In the middle is Terry! He is our little Angel who believes in us more than we believe in ourselves. Always help with every problem starting with the small one like shopping to big one like driving 3 hours car for packs for our energy balls because they don’t arrive on time. You can also meet him on Vegan Fair when he represents all our vision about healthy nutrition plant based food. Welcome to our little family!